Pleasant View Panthers hope for improved season

 Messenger photo by Dedra Cordle
 The Pleasant View Panthers quarterbacks stretch their quadriceps before practice started on Aug. 20. The Panthers have had some tough seasons but with a new coaching staff they are hoping to turn things around and have a winning season.

In the world of sports, there are many clichés thrown about. For soccer, the saying goes "It’s a game of two halves." For basketball, it’s "They’re in the zone." However, with all these common saying, perhaps the one most fitting for the Pleasant View Middle School football team is to take their upcoming season "One game at a time."

Over the past five years, the football team accumulated five wins, with two of those coming last year. However, with a new vision and a new coaching staff, the Panthers look to put those seasons where they belong – in the past.

"My goal for this season is for us to go undefeated," first year Head Coach Chuck Williamson said. "We’re shooting high and we feel we can beat anyone and win the league."

After spending the last few years being an offensive coordinator at Central Crossing High School, Williamson wanted to have the opportunity to run his own program with his ideas and took the position at Pleasant View.

"I felt this was a program that really could go places," he said.

Many of the parents agree not only with that statement, but also with the hiring of the coach and his staff. They also pitched in with helping to paint the outdated locker rooms, goal posts and getting the Panthers new uniforms.

"I think they have such a great vision," Leslie Brungarth, mother of seventh grade offensive lineman Jake Brungarth said. "Chuck is also very high on respect for the parents. In fact, in April when he first came along, he and the coaching staff gave the parents a hug and a kiss for brining our kids to practice."

Brungarth credits the coaches for her son falling in love with the game of football.

"He loves it the most because of the coaching staff," she said. "They treat the younger players just like the older ones."

With new coaches come different styles and game plans, which Williamson has been teaching them since his hiring and spending a week studying the Bowling Green Falcons football team at a clinic this past spring. He said the players are excited because of the spread offense he is implementing in the system.

"The kids are amped up about it," he said. "They believe in what they are doing and when we had our scrimmage, they looked pretty good doing it."

In order to earn a spot on the Panthers team, you have to make the grades to do so.

"I told them back in April, this is the way it’s going to be," Williamson said. "We have study tables before practice because you have to hit the books first. If you don’t do the grades, you don’t play."

The players seem more than willing to hit the books in order to play for the new coach as they strive for a winning season. The new chapter in Panthers football starts on Aug. 30 at 5 p.m. and according to seventh grade equipment manager Dustin McKinney, "it looks to be a great season."

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