Pleasant Township to purchase recycling bins


By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Pleasant Township residents will have easy access to recycling with at-home bins.

At the Sept. 8 meeting, the board of trustees approved a motion to purchase the SWACO recycling bins.

According to trustee Nancy Hunter, each household who takes regular trash collection through Local Waste will get a roll-out recycle cart.

The township will use grant funds to purchase the bins. It will cost $42.50 for each bin but using the grant will take the cost down to $5 a piece. The township can purchase the bins for residential use and would make one payment a year for three years to pay for the bins.

The township plans on purchasing extra bins so they will have enough for spares.
The trustees did not decide on a number of bins to purchase. That will be decided in the near future.

The recycling bins will hold 65 gallons of material and will have SWACO’s name printed on them. According to Hunter, the township should receive the carts in April 2021.



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