Pleasant Township plans to address drainage issues


By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Strategies are being formed to help address major drainage problems in Pleasant Township. The issue was discussed at a recent board meeting.

Pleasant Township Road Superintendent Robert Bausch said he would continue to review an ongoing concern on Seaman Road. This area has experienced high standing water with drains which are not able to handle the capacity of water when it rains heavily.

According to Bausch, when he went to look at the area, he said, “The tile was ran probably an extra 12 to14 foot beyond where the water was running so the tile was floating up a little bit.”

This has now been addressed by the road department and they are hopeful that it will help resolve the severe flooding in the area.

The road department is also looking into ways to repair a large ditch on Old Harrisburg Pike. The ditch runs to the north side of the road. Water comes from State Route 62 almost to Pleasant Corners and trees have grown on the backside of the ditch, causing deterioration of the bank.

According to Bausch, it is not feasible to repair the whole bank at one time but they will try to address portions of it at a time.


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