Pleasant Township mostly escapes storm


By Sandi Latimer
Staff Writer

Pleasant Township escaped the damage from the storms of April 3 that spawned the tornado that hit neighboring Grove City and Jackson Township.

“A tree came down,” said Jeff Karn, head of the township’s road department. “We had it cut up the same day and removed it the next.”

He also told the Pleasant Township Trustees at their April 10 meeting, that two drains were plugged up during the storm. He was unable to register how much rain fell that day because the rain gauge broke.

The fire department report showed a busy day that day by responding to 14 calls, half of them relating to the storm.

Trustees chairwoman Nancy Hunter reported the presence of what she considered a suspicious vehicle in the area after the storm. She identified it as a bright blue Ford F-150 truck with a double cab. She said she saw three white males in the truck as it pulled into her driveway and turned around. She said other residents noticed it turning around in driveways.

She said people were able to get the license number and report it. Hunter said she didn’t know if these people were seeking business after the storm.

The trustees’ next meeting will be April 24 at 7 p.m. at which time full time personnel will be sworn in as full-time firefighters and the celebration of the retirement of a long-time firefighter.

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