Playing music on the porch

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
On Aug. 28, more than a dozen musicians who live in the Westgate community participated in an international initiative known as “Play Music on the Porch Day.” The mission of the event, which was founded in 2013, is to bring people together through song and “light up the world with music.” Among those participating in the first event to take place in the westside neighborhood was Colleen Cunningham and Rick Redfern. For close to an hour, the duo sat on their porch and played the bongos and ukulele while encouraging the audience to sing along to popular songs such as “Kumbaya,” “Puff the Magic Dragon,” and “Under the Boardwalk.” Susie Loik, the local organizer for “Play Music on the Porch Day,” said she was impressed by the number of musicians who signed on to perform and the variety of instruments they played. “We have so many talented people here in Westgate,” she said. Loik added that they would like to see this event grow bigger next year.
An engaged audience sings along with Cunningham and Redfern. Some in the group had already attended the two morning performances but said they looked forward to the rest of the events in the afternoon and evening. Some of the musical instruments featured in those performances were the flute, jazz trombone, keyboard, guitar and piano.
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