Play at Pugnic in the Park

Prancer (left) and Prunie Garrett are looking forward to meeting new human friends and playing with other pug friends on May 24 during the Ohio Pug Rescue Pugnic  at Whitehall Community Park between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

I would like you to meet my "grandpugs," Prunie and Prancer.  Aren’t they adorable?  

They are here today to invite you to a special event on May 24 at Whitehall Community Park, 402 N. Hamilton Road.   The tenth annual Ohio Pug Rescue Reunion and Fundraiser will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

There will be some unique competitions, including best costume, longest tongue, curliest tail, tallest pug, oldest pug, most wrinkles and more.  There will also be games, 50/50 raffles, and vendors on hand with pet goodies.    

OPR is a non-profit, all volunteer organization, and 100 percent of all proceeds of the event will benefit OPR.  The group offers surrender, foster care and adoption services to all homeless pugs in Ohio, no matter their age, health or condition.  Last year 155 pugs were rescued.

Prior to adoption, all animals are spayed/neutered, updated on vaccinations, microchipped for identification, and any health issues are addressed.  

All pugs and pug friends are welcome to the reunion, which averages 200-300 pugs in attendance each year.  For more information, or to pre-register your pug for the event, logon to  All pre-registered attendees will receive a goodie bag for you and your dog.

I am a firm believer in adopting and rescuing unwanted animals.  My dog, Abi and three cats, Lucky, Puddy and Kinja, are all rescues.  So I was very proud of my son, Jeremy and his wife, Sabrina, when they followed in my footsteps by adopting these two cuties from Ohio Pug Rescue at the end of last year.

Prunie is six years old, and had two previous owners.  Her last family had to give her up to move overseas.  

Prancer, about three, was abandoned, and was facing euthanasia when the kids agreed to take him.  Prunie is laid-back and goes with the flow.  Prancer, on the other hand, is the little ornery live wire.  That little happy guy jumps around like a frog in a jumping contest.  Boing!  But sit and pet him, and he sort of purrs.

Prunie is my little buddy.  The minute she sees me, she does this little happy dance accompanied by her sing-song noises.  Together we do the happy dance around in a circle.  I started doing that with her when they first brought her home, and now she expects it.  

I am sure when we dance in the driveway, neighbors think it’s nuts, but we’re having fun.  

Oh yes, she also loves to rub noses with me when we cuddle.  Very cute!

Word has it that Prunie may be giving kisses in the kissing booth at the Pugnic.  Prunie, Prancer and their friends hope that you will join us at their event.  They have more friends who need good homes for fostering and adopting.   

If you are not in the market for a pug pooch, we hope you will support the effort and have some fun.  Who knows, you may even catch Prunie and me doing our happy dance.

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