Plan for warehouse proceeding; plus other Groveport news

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor
The proposed warehouse on Hayes Road is moving closer to reality.

Groveport City Council approved entering into an economic development agreement and community reinvestment area tax incentive agreement with CA Ventures regarding two parcels totalling 48 acres on the southeast corner of Hayes and Pontius roads.
Groveport City Administrator B.J. King said CA Ventures is pursuing the purchase of the land and annexing it into Groveport.

“CA Ventures plans to build a 640,640 square foot warehouse on the property,” said King, who added the company is also seeking a community reinvestment area property tax abatement on the property.

King said there are several steps that need to be done before this warehouse is built, including combining the two parcels into one parcel, annexing the property into the city, rezoning considerations, and a development plan must be in place.

CA Ventures Executive Vice President, Industrial Jim McGill said the company hopes to begin construction of the warehouse in August with completion by the summer of 2022. He said it is “achievable” that the development could generate at least 150 jobs. He also said some improvements are planned to Hayes Road along the frontage of the property.

Councilman Ed Dildine said he hopes the company will also look into improvements to the nearby intersection of Pontius and Hayes roads as part of the project.

Green said the community reinvestment area property tax abatement would be a 100 percent property tax abatement for 15 years. He said the agreement would include an income tax revenue sharing agreement between the city and Groveport Madison Schools where each shares 50 percent of the income tax revenue generated by the site.

“All CRA tax abatements for new construction are 15 years,” said Green.

City’s Westport property
Council authorized city officials to sell the city-owned property at 384 Westport Drive. The legislation states the property, located in a residential area, is “no longer required by the city for its purposes.”

King said a house that once sat on the property was abandoned and blighted a few years ago when the city took it over. He said the city wants to sell the property so it will no longer have to tend to it and also so it will not have to pay the property taxes on it.

Convenience fees
Council approved enacting a (not to exceed) 3 percent credit card convenience fee for transactions at the Groveport Municipal Golf Course. In 2020, council approved legislation to pass credit card convenience fees to customers at other city facilities. Prior to this, the city had paid these fees. According to city officials, from 2016 to 2020, the city has paid $80,628 in credit card convenience fees at the golf course.

Mosquito spraying
King said the city is “ready to go” with its mosquito spraying program.

“As soon as temperatures start to climb we’ll be hitting it,” said King.

Councilwoman Becky Hutson asked if the mosquito spraying is harmful to honey bees.

Bees are valuable for pollenating plants. King said he would check on that.

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