Photos: Wagging tails over shots

 Messenger photos by Andrea Cordle
 The Franklin County Board of Health, Columbus Public Health and the Columbus Academy of Veterinary Medicine held a rabies immunization clinic on Aug. 17 at the Pleasant Township Fire Department on Norton Road. People lined the station with their furry friends for the low-cost shots. Above, Daunea Johns of Grove City holds her beagle mix (Butterscotch) while she got the rabies shot. Butterscotch is 7-years-old and it was time for her vaccination. Pets over 1 year of age, with proof of current vaccinations, received a three-year vaccination. To the left, Alexander, a 3-year-old lab waits to get his shot while his family member tries to gain control. For more information about rabies immunization, contact the Franklin County Board of Health at 462-3160.


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