Photos: Ride em cowboy

 Messenger photos by Bob Garman
 The World’s Toughest Rodeo came to Columbus Feb. 16 at Nationwide Arena. Eight professional cowboys got six rides total; four on the broncos and two on the bulls in just a 90 minute time frame. Whoever stayed on for eight seconds, with the most style, won the title and the deed of a 32-acre ranch in Colorado. Here, Nelson Tsosie, 21, of Farmington, N.M. gets knocked off the back of his bronco.

 Shane Proctor, 22, from Powell, Wyo. uses all his strength to stay on the back of this bucking bronco. Proctor was the grand champion of the event.

 Chad Eubank, 29, of Fort Worth, Texas goes airbound when the bronco he’s riding proves to be too much of a beast to tame.

 Erik Wolford, 22, of Adrian, Mich. runs for his life after being bunted from an angry bull’s back.

 Here, Wolford uses all his skill to stay on this bull’s back for eight seconds though his efforts were unsuccessful.
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