Photos: Frying those fish

 Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
 At such a young age, 2-year-old Hayden Gearheart has already mastered the art of driving a car at the 53rd annual Georgesville Fish Fry on June 20 and 21. The two-day festival included miniature rides, mechanical and pony, for the kids, carnival games, performances by the Midwest Cloggers and the consumption of 18,000 pieces of fish.

 Four-year-old Jackson McCoy hangs on tight while riding the Sooper Jet at the fish fry on June 20.

 Friends Marcus Graham, 6, (right) and Billy Smith, 8, brave the front seat of the Sooper Jet, the big attraction at the 53rd Annual Georgesville Fish Fry on June 20. Both boys are residents of Georgesville.
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