Photos: Crash and burn

 Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
 Every time model aircraft hobbyists let their jets take flight, they run the risk of having their beloved, and often expensive, replicas crash and burn. Shown here at the annual Heart of Ohio Jet Scramble, Tam Nguyen looks over the wreckage of his 112 F-16 fighter jet. Until Sept. 21, Nguyen’s F-16 had been involved in 30 successful flights. Then he let friend John Lucko have control of the jet, who "became disoriented while doing an inverted pass" and lost sight of the aircraft, causing it to nosedive into the field. After that crash, Lucko became the new owner of the "50 percent salvageable" F-16. The Heart of Ohio Jet Scramble event was held at The Ohio Radio Kontrol Society’s (TORKS) Field of Dreams, located on Young Road in Grove City. Below is a shot of the aircraft before the accident.
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