Photos: A look back

Messenger photos by Andrea Cordle
It’s how things were done in the good old days. Old Time Harvest Day in Grove City gave today’s youth a look into the past. The annual event was held Oct. 5 at Century Village and was sponsored by the Southwest Franklin County Historical Society and the city of Grove City. Above, 7-year-old Dillon Cordial of Highland Park Elementary, grinds corn kernels for chicken feed.
Here, 5-year-old Jessica Alexander from Monterey Elementary, saws some wood the old fashioned way.
Augusta Reisling, 13, of Grove City volunteers at the event. Here, she washes socks the way it was done before the invention of the washing machine. Reisling is a Jackson Middle School student.
Here, 3-year-old Julia Robinson washes clothes on a washboard. Robinson and her family drove up from Chillicothe for the event.
Elizabeth Coburn, spins alpaca fiber into yarn. Alpaca wool and sheep’s wool were used for clothing. Coburn was volunteering at the event and hails from West Columbus.
Katie Clouser of Grove City sits next to Angel the goat. Goat’s milk was popular in the old days. Clouser was volunteering for the event with her 4-H group.
A horse carriage was a popular attraction at the Old Time Harvest Day.
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