Photo Contest

Do you take great shots and enjoy a challenge? Our monthly theme will challenge your photo skills! Each month four winning submissions will be shared on our Facebook pages! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates

    Terms and Conditions:

    Images submitted must be owned by the person submitting the entry. No one else may have, or can claim, legal rights to the image.
    If there is a “minor” (a child or person under the age of 18) in this image, the entrant must certify that he or she is the parent or legal guardian of the minor (child or children) in the image. Any misrepresentation of ownership of the submitted image, or legal guardianship of the minor in the submitted image (if any), will be grounds for disqualification of the contest and potentially all future contests or promotions with The Columbus Messenger.

    Entries containing inappropriate images will be disqualified. The Columbus Messenger has final say of what content is appropriate for the website. No indecent or obscene material, no content or material that is illegal, no material containing nudity or is sexually explicit, or by law, obscene profane or pornographic is permitted.

    By entering this contest, you are verifying that you are the owner and producer of the submitted material and that no third-party ownership rights exist to the image. If the image contains people, by submitting such image you agree to have the rights necessary to consent or submit on behalf of those in the image.

    Any entry submitted on behalf of another individual or using another person’s email address or name will be disqualified and ineligible to claim any prize. Any attempt by any participant to obtain more than the stated number of entries allowed by using same, multiple/different email addresses, identities, or any other methods void that participant’s entries and that participant may be disqualified. In the event of a dispute as to any on-line registration, the authorized account holder of the e-mail address used to register will be deemed to be the registrant and he/she must be eligible according to these Official Rules.

    No mechanically reproduced or automated entries permitted. Use of any automated system to participate is prohibited and will result in disqualification and all such entries will be deemed void. Limit of (4) entries per person.

    By entering the contest, you are verifying you are the Licensor “Owner” and producer of the submitted material and that no third-party ownership rights exist to the photo submitted. Additionally, by submitting a photograph to The Columbus Messenger and clicking the submit button below, you the Licensor “Owner” are granting a royalty free, non-exclusive, perpetual license to exercise the rights to use the “work” as stated below:
    a. to reproduce the work in print publications, digital media publications and/or other products associated with the Columbus Messenger.
    b. The Licensor “Owner,” further waives the exclusive right to collect, whether individually or through a representative, royalties for the publication of the work outlined above.
    c. The above rights may be exercised in all media and formats whether now known or hereafter devised. The above rights include the right to make such modifications as are technically necessary to exercise the rights in other media and formats.

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