PC Trinity Theatre Co. presenting shows at Pastime Park

Danny Rodriguez Hijo (center), project leader for the PC Trinity Theatre Co., works with Leah Polsinelli and Dani Berger on a scene from “My Legacy Robe.” The show is set for 7 p.m. July 23-24 at Pastime Park in Plain City.

(Posted July 19, 2021)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Now in its third year, the PC Trinity Theatre Co. has officially joined hands with the village of Plain City to present Plays in the Park. “My Legacy Robe,” the first of two productions planned for this summer, is set for July 23-24. Shows are at 7 p.m. at Pastime Park. Admission is free.

Led by three 2018 Jonathan Alder High School graduates, the PC Trinity Theatre Co. strives to provide opportunities for young actors and entertainment for the community.

Danny Rodriguez Hijo is the project leader, providing acting direction and handling advertising and communication. Grayson Abend, the music director, writes music and conducts the orchestra when live music is incorporated into a show. He also helps with acting direction. Ryan Gutierrez heads up set conception and construction and all things technical.

“We’ve been friends since junior high and high school and were in productions together,” Rodriguez Hijo said. “After high school, we wanted a way to work together and provide the arts and experiences we have fond remembrances of to the community.”

From their first play in 2019 to an original parody musical last year to this year’s play and variety show offerings, the trio has put middle school, high school, and young adult actors in the spotlight. The majority of the participants come from Plain City. Some have been members of the Jonathan Alder Junior High drama club, a program Rodriguez Hijo has headed up since 2014. Some have performed in high school productions. A handful are trying theater for the first time.

The all-female cast of “My Legacy Robe” features seven students in grades 5-8: Dani Berger, Ella Harrell, Ally Oross, Avery Oross, Leah Polsinelli, and Ella Polston.

Written by Tim Kelly and performed since the 1950s, the play–a short one at 30 minutes long–is set backstage at a show that’s about to premier on Broadway. Each of the actresses is coping with the premier in her own way. Some are successful veterans, some aren’t, and some are brand new to the experience.

The PC Trinity Theatre Co. is led by 2018 Jonathan Alder High School graduates Danny Rodriguez Hijo, Grayson Abend, and Ryan Gutierrez.

“It’s about how they are co-existing and how they are bringing each other up to take on Broadway,” Rodriguez Hijo said.

Since auditions in mid-May, the cast has been rehearsing twice a week at the park. Rodriguez Hijo is happy with the progress.

“The material came more naturally to them than I first expected. It’s been very good to see how they have developed with it,” he said.

Next up is the “COVID Cabaret,” a variety show of sorts scheduled for 7 p.m. July 30-31, featuring middle school- and high school-aged actors. Short plays and vocal music performances are planned.

Rodriguez Hijo has written three original plays for the show–“Frame of Mind” about a man learning to cope with losing loved ones; “Dysphoria” about a soul trying to take care of themselves; and “Sweet Paralysis” about two demons failing at making a nightmare for a child.

Abend wrote and composed a vocal duet, “Roads,” which Ellyse Tillyer and Millia Runkle will perform. Abend will provide accompaniment. Additionally, Brea West will play guitar and sing “Fever” by Elvis Presley.

Others performing in “COVID Caberet” are Jacob Cameron, Annalise Caouette, Ava Riddlebaugh, Olivia Riddlebaugh, and Vanora Vowell.

For more information about the PC Trinity Theatre Co., call (614) 259-8120, find them on Facebook (The PC Trinity Theatre Company), or follow them on Instagram (@trinitytheatreco).


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