Part-time township employees get pay increase in 2020

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Part-time employees in Prairie Township will see a pay increase in 2020.

The action was approved by the Prairie Township board of trustees at a recent meeting.
The trustees increased the part-time pay scale for the road, cemetery and park department from $13 an hour starting out, $14 an hour after the first year and $15 an hour after the second year to $14 an hour starting out, $15 an hour after the first year and $16 an hour after the second year.

All full-time, non-union employees and non-union, part-time permanent employees also received a pay raise in 2020 after some discussion among the board.

While the trustees disputed the amount of the increase, they settled on a 3 percent increase for the year.

“I have seen anything from no raise to a few percentages,” said trustee Stephen Kennedy. “I would recommend giving them 2.5 percent.”

However, the majority of the board wanted to give the employees a 3 percent raise.

The board also agreed to increase minimum wage for part-time employees from $8.55 an hour to $8.70 an hour to go with the Ohio minimum wage increase in 2020.

In related news, the township will begin advertising for a front desk coordinator position at the community center.

“The position will pay between $13.46 and $23.07 an hour,” said Prairie Township Community Center Interim Director Michael Pollack. “The annual salary will be between $28,000 and $48,000 a year.”

The front desk coordinator will be responsible for various duties, including managing social media, coordinating printed materials and running the front desk of the community center.

In other news, the trustees approved spending up to $12,500 on cameras for the township hall. Township officials would like to add cameras to the meeting room, hallway and all three entries to the building.

“Basically, there will be cameras everywhere but in the restrooms,” said Rob Peters, township administrator. “We had a security incident where a person entered the building where staff was. We also have had a hit and skip, so this is needed.”

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