Park extension to be delayed

The proposed extension of Civic Park to include a pond surrounded by private property will be delayed as Reynoldsburg city officials look into the issues involved. 

Reynoldsburg City Council members had raised questions when asked to approve a request for a grant to fund the project. 

Parks and Recreation Director Jason Shamblin told council at its Oct. 20 meeting that, after discussion with council members and the property owners, they had elected to withdraw their request for permission to seek the grant.

"We will look into it and try to answer some of the questions that we just didn’t have time to resolve in our short time span, and we’ll hopefully bring it before you again once we have those ironed out," he said. 

Shamblin said the legal issues involved and the concerns from property owners about the increased traffic directly behind their houses led to their decision. 
Council President Bill Hills took issue with a statement in a letter sent to the press by some Reynoldsburg residents suggesting that the council may have been trying to "slip one over on the people who would be directly affected" by not notifying them of the plans.

"Council wasn’t sneaking anything," he said. 

When the request came to them, he said, the members of the council were the ones who raised questions about potential problems. 

"Council kept that from going anywhere," he said. "I’m a believer in transparency in government and you don’t do things without people that may be affected being aware of what you’re doing."

Shamblin said they would look into getting funding for the project next year.. 

"Hopefully that will give us plenty of time to resolve those issues, and make sure that we’re good neighbors with the other property owners," he said. 

Water and sewer rates

Reynoldsburg residents may see their water and sewer rates increase. 

"The city of Columbus is passing on a rate increase to us, and unless we pass on the rate increase to our customers, we will have to take that out of the general fund, which would be very difficult to do," Councilman Ron Stake said. 

City Auditor Richard Harris said the rates in Reynoldsburg are very competitive when  compared with other communities in Franklin County. Reynoldsburg’s rates usually rank in the bottom third.

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