Paint ball proposal discussed in Jackson Twp.


By Sandi Latimer
Staff Writer

Land in southern Jackson Township could become an outdoor adventure where families and groups gather to participate in paint ball.

First, developers would have to seek rezoning for a parcel of land along State Route 62, between Orders Road and London Groveport Road. That parcel is zoned agricultural and would have to be rezoned exceptional use, Township Administrator Mike Lilly told the trustees at the May 5 board meeting.

David Pando, identified as a professional paintball player and marketing professional, offered a video showing how the land could be developed with the use of the wooded area and the placement of temporary and portable structures to create forts and bunkers where players could hide.

“It’s like a game of tag,” Pando said, “but instead of being tagged by human contact, players are hit with small paint-filled gelatin capsules fired from guns.”

The paint is not-toxic and washable he said.

“It’s a family affair,” he said of the activity that has created many hours of family entertainment in the southern California area where he has worked and participated in the activity.

Such a facility would be the second in an extended central Ohio area. The other one is located in Mount Gilead in Morrow County, more than an hour’s drive from Grove City.

In addition to the portable structures, a sign-in facility, pro-shop and snack bar would be located in trailer-like buildings, and a parking area would be created.

Fire Chief Rick Dawson questioned the safety of such a sport. Pando said it is a low-impact activity and injuries are very rare.

“Looks like it could be fun,” chairman David Burris said.

Pando said developers were aware of what steps they would have to follow to be able to create such an outdoor adventure, “but we wanted you to be aware of what we can create there.”

Delinquent trash payments

Trustees approved a resolution assessing fees for 46 property owners who are delinquent in their trash-hauling payments for the first quarter of this year.

Letters have been sent to property owners, and in the case of rental properties, both tenant and property owner have been notified that if bills are not paid by a given date, the fee and any administrative fees will be added to the tax bill. The paperwork would be done by Local Waste and when bills are paid, the township would be reimbursed for their share.

Salt bids

Trustees approved a resolution to allow the township to participate in state bidding and purchasing of salt for the roads for the coming winter.

Lilly said the township has an estimated 450 to 500 tons of salt in the salt barn plus more in storage.

“The price is good,” he said, but did not elaborate on the cost.

Trustee Jim Rauck questioned the condition of the salt barn and indicated repairs are needed.

“Next winter, let the supply get low so come spring we can get it repaired,” he said.

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