Over 700 stimulus payments unclaimed in Madison County

Congresswoman Deborah Pryce announced that more than 700 Madison County residents, mostly Social Security and Veterans Administration (VA) beneficiaries, have not yet applied for their economic stimulus payments. Many veterans and seniors, some of whom are not required to file an income tax return, may be eligible for the payments, but will only receive them if they apply.

“The stimulus package was specifically designed to ward off an economic downturn and return this money from Washington D.C. to our communities,” Pryce said. “Stimulus payments can help offset rising energy and food costs, particularly for elderly residents on fixed incomes. Unfortunately, many residents continue to be unaware of the stimulus payments, or that they must file a return to receive them.”

Pryce added, “I encourage anyone in Madison County who has not yet filed a 2007 tax return to do so.  It’s your money, and you’re entitled to it.”

According to the IRS, 226,643 Ohio residents who are enrolled in Social Security or receiving benefits from the Veterans Administration have not yet satisfied the requirements to receive their economic stimulus check from the federal government. The public has until Oct. 15 to file a 2007 Form 1040A, to receive their payment.

To determine eligibility, Madison County residents can contact the Internal Revenue Service at any of its following offices:

• IRS Economic Stimulus Rebate Hotline, 1-866-234-2942

• IRS Refund Hotline, 1-800-829-1954

• Individual Tax Help Hotline, 1-800-829-1040

• IRS Taxpayer Advocate, 1-877-275-8271

Additional help can be sought online at www.tax-toolkit.com or by contacting Congresswoman Pryce’s district office in Columbus at 614-469-5614.

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