Our Pictorial Past: The Marching Cruisers of 1947

Photo from the 1947 Madisonian

With the recent successes of the Groveport Madison High School Marching Band, here’s a look back 60 years to the 1946-47 Marching Cruisers. The band played at all the home football games, marched in the Columbus Christmas parade, performed a concert at the school in April, performed at Memorial Day ceremonies in Groveport, and also made two appearances in May during baseball games at Red Bird Stadium (now Cooper Stadium), which was home to the Columbus Red Birds minor league baseball team. Band members were, from left to right: (first row) Pat Kleinline, Eddie Myers, Virginia McNaghten, Donna Kaufman, Joanne Redman, Dema Smith, Donald Mayes, Jim Palsgrove, Mary Anne Miller, John Codner, Jean Anne Nichols, Raymond Heister, Warren Wheeler, Dick Hummell, Gale Myers; (second row) Bill Zarbaugh (drum major), Wally Thomen, Bob Schick, Gaylord Bennett, Donna Raines, Dorothy Kyser, Virginia Young, Jean Sherman, Anne Parrish, Jack Wilde, Mary Anne Tolbert, Eileen Law, Alcy Willis, Martha Murray, Louise Parrish, Don Barclay, Juanita Carl, Jeanette Heister; (third row) Roseanne Behm, Kathleen Wheeler, Howard Rarey, Rhoderick Ice, John Bowman, Glenn Miller, Donald Speakman, Dale Rawn, Donna Hecox, Miss Zettler. (not pictured Imogene Miller). Majorettes were Jeannette Woods, Margaret Hartman, Nelda Waters, and Marlyn Furniss. (Source: 1947 Madisonian).

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