Our Pictorial Past

 Photo submitted by Todd Gray
 This an aerial view of Groveport, circa 1952. The remnants of the Ohio and Erie Canal can be seen as a dark line cutting diagonally through town from the upper right. Also, the traction line right of way can be viewed as a dark line coming in at center left  and into Blacklick Street. The railroad curves from the top of the photo. College Street forms a straight line from the top through the middle of the picture, bending slightly as it crosses Main Street. Groveport Elementary School is visible in the lower right. The current junior high was then a high school under construction with the only completed portion of the school, the new gymnasium, visible to the right of Groveport Elementary. The old track and football field can be seen to the left of Groveport Elementary. At the far left, a new housing development, Kessler Addition, can be seen forming around Madison and Kessler streets. A curving driveway at approximately the top center of the photo leads to the former St. Vincent’s Mission, located at the end of Naomi Court. At the top center of the photo rows of silos can be seen at the corner of Hamilton Road and Corbett Road, reflecting Groveport’s agrarian past. Can you spot your house?
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