OTooles searching for remedy to noise issues

A business owner and neighboring residents are working on ways ease noise concerns.

At the June 23 Reynoldsburg City Council meeting, residents of the Retreat at Coronado Woods expressed their displeasure with alleged noise coming from the nearby O’Toole’s Irish Pub.

"Since the last meeting, I have been to the premises, talked to the owners and looked over the police calls that were taken since Jan. 1, 2005," said Reynoldsburg Mayor Brad McCloud, "and have surmised that there is a direct correlation between the noise and the smoking ban that has been in effect since May 3, 2007."

On Dec. 7, 2006, Ohio voters passed Issue 5, creating Ohio’s indoor smoking ban to which all public places and places of employment had to adapt, making many bars construct outdoor patios to accommodate their smoking patrons.

The outdoor patio at O’Toole’s is where the problem lies, according to Retreat at Coronado Woods resident Patrick Ahern. Ahern said, since the patio was installed, the noise level has increased dramatically.

Christine Grundy, owner of O’Toole’s Irish Pub, came to council’s July 14 meeting to discuss what the establishment plans on doing to ease the noise complaints of the concerned residents. She said the business has notes posted inside the bar and out on the patio asking patrons to keep the noise down. The business is also looking into getting a new door that would be kept shut as well as getting a permanent awning for the patio.

"I was unaware of this issue until two weeks ago," Grundy said, who grew up in Reynoldsburg. "My husband owned O’Toole’s for 15 years and locally, this community is very important to us."

Grundy added she is deeply sorry Ahern is distraught about this, and hopes the improvements they plan on enacting will lessen his concerns.

Grundy also stated that previous allegations made by residents at the June 23 council meeting of public urination, drag racing, and gunfire at O’Toole’s are untrue.

At-large council member Donna Shirey suggested O’Toole’s remove the only speaker that is located on the patio, which she believes is the root of the noise problem, to which Ward IV council member Mel Clemens agreed.

"I think if they could eliminate the speaker, that would be a big thing," he said.

"Everything with that establishment is legal; it’s just a matter of trying to control the people that can’t control themselves."

Council President William Hills added the problem will not be solved over night, but was pleased to see the owners and residents working together to help rectify the problem.  

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