Organ recovery and medical marijuana facilities could come to Obetz


By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

An organ recovery center may be moving into Obetz.

In medical circles, it is considered cheaper to recover organs for transplant from donors when the body is moved to an organ recovery center, rather than perform the procedure at a hospital. Specially trained transplant teams perform the procedure to procure the organs.

“If you become an organ donor, the hospitals are actually outsourcing that now to these places who specialize in that,” said Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson.

Also, a medical marijuana dispensary, which is a store that sells medical marijuana, may move into Obetz.

At Obetz City Council’s Sept. 13 meeting, Davisson said anyone who purchases medical marijuana needs to have a prescription from a doctor licensed to prescribe it.

While possession of all marijuana is illegal at the federal level, it’s not illegal on the state level in Ohio. However, recreational use is still banned in Ohio, but that, “Won’t have any impact on us because it’s a private piece of property,” said Davisson.

There are other medical marijuana dispensaries around, including Columbus and Grandview.

“They usually end up being pretty nice buildings,” said Davisson.

Since marijuana is banned federally, the businesses usually have to operate as a cash business. Because of this, council expressed some concern about potential robberies.

“Have you ever seen one? They look like bank vaults,” said Davisson.

Davisson said, “(Both businesses) meet our zoning criteria, so if you want to do something to try to stop them, that would take something Herculean to pull that off. (If opposed to it) how much money are you willing to spend and how big of a fight are you willing to enter into to stop them from doing that?”

Councilman Mike Flaherty is not comfortable with a medical marijuana dispensary moving in. He said he has raised six kids and taught them that drugs, like marijuana, are wrong.

He acknowledges that times have changed and after the meeting said he will probably abstain during the vote.

Both businesses will most likely locate in the Walnut Creek Center medical area.

Obetz history group forming
Obetz resident Jerry Benson wants to invite residents to the first meeting of The Historians.

The group wants to document the history of Obetz by having people from Obetz tell their stories. The group will be interviewing senior citizens of the area. One of the descendants of the founders of Obetz will talk to the group.

The group elected Joyce Jones Blake to be president, Jerry Benson is vice president, and Councilwoman Bonnie Wiley is the secretary.

The next meeting is Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Building in Stewart Hall.

“Please bring pictures, artifacts and tell us your experience!” said Benson.


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