On the job training

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
The Jackson Township Fire Department recently received a special gift in the form of an abandoned home on Ventura Boulevard in Grove City. For weeks, the firefighters have been putting their own personal touches on the property by removing window panes, creating an extra wing using wood panels, and bringing in small shipping containers to really bring out the potential of the place. But rather than let it sit as, they got down to business and started live fire rescue and training for the benefit of their personnel and the entire community. Captain Luke Smith said these vacant or abandoned home donations are immensely beneficial for the firefighters because it helps them learn and become accustomed to new rescue maneuvers and firefighting techniques in a more controlled setting. The department will be at the home on Ventura Boulevard for the next several weeks – Smith declined to say which training techniques they would be working on because they wanted to surprise the firefighters – and will burn down the structure on Dec. 14. Here, a Jackson Township Firefighter comes out of the home on Ventura Boulevard after successfully completing their objective.
Firefighter John Welsh uses the chainsaw to cut wood to burn in the container.
Firefighter/paramedic Clark Smith takes the ladder back to the truck.
Firefighter Anthony Labianca was in charge of the tools during a training session on Nov. 7. In this photo, he is bringing the positive pressure fan to the front door to clear out some of the smoke after the crew successfully put out a fire indoors.
Firefighter Sam Cook rolls up the line to put it back in the truck. Cook is one of the newest hires at the department.
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