Ohio State Fair honors Groveport’s mayor


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Photo courtesy of the Westcamp family and the Ohio State Fair
Groveport Mayor Lance Westcamp with his grandchildren Parker, Savannah, and Sydney Westcamp. Westcamp’s Landrace hog was the 2022 Ohio State Fair Grand Champion.

Groveport Mayor Lance Westcamp has been raising Landrace hogs for 50 years and showing them at fairs and expositions for 25 years.

“Fifty years ago, in 1972, my mom drove me in an old pick-up truck to Wapakoneta, Ohio, where I got my first four Landrace hogs,” said Westcamp.

He has been raising and showing the hogs ever since, which has resulted in his having 14 Grand Champions Landrace hogs – including the 2022 Ohio State Fair Grand Champion – as well as serving on the American Landrace Association Board of Directors from 2011-17.

All this effort was recently rewarded when Westcamp was inducted into the Ohio State Fair Swine Hall of Fame at this year’s Ohio State Fair.

“What an honor,” said Westcamp. “I didn’t have a clue I was going to be selected for the hall of fame. It was especially nice because when they announced it my 90-year-old mother was there, which meant so much to me since she drove me to get my first Landrace hogs 50 years ago.”

Westcamp – who is a 1975 graduate of Groveport Madison High School and has served as mayor of Groveport since 1994 – said Ohio State Fair Swine Hall of Fame inductions are done by breed and that the last induction for someone who raised the Landrace breed was 22 years ago.

Westcamp keeps his hogs on a farm located south of Groveport.

“I’ve raised pigs all my life,” said Westcamp. “Landrace pigs are great mothers who produce lots of babies and their milk production for their offspring is unbelievable.”

He said the Landrace breed is a joy to work with.

“They appreciate the care they get,” said Westcamp. “Give them good food, water, and keep them clean and they are one of the happiest animals around.”

Over the years Westcamp has shown his Landrace hogs at shows in Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Texas.

“The people at the shows are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet,” said Westcamp.

Westcamp said that, over the past three years, his family has donated a gilt (female hog) to a young person who wants to raise hogs but does not have the opportunity to buy one themselves.

“It helps them and also helps increase the number of Landrace hogs being raised,” said Westcamp.

He said raising hogs is enjoyable and has become a family project as his grandchildren are now involved.

“One year we had five grandkids all showing hogs in the same class at the same time,” said Westcamp. “We have the time of our lives. That’s what it’s all about.”


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