Official local election results

By Rick Palsgrove
Managing Editor

The Franklin County Board of Elections has released the official results of the Nov. 2 election.

There are no changes in who was elected, however, a recount was necessary in the Canal Winchester City Council race.

“The Canal Winchester City Council race was within automatic recount range,” said Franklin County Board of Elections Public Information Officer Aaron Sellers.

In that race, only eight votes separated candidates Patrick Shea, with 1,203 votes; and Brandon Hord, with 1,195 votes. The recount was held on Nov. 30 with the result confirming Shea’s election.

“We completed the recount of the Canal Winchester City Council race of all votes cast in Franklin County and nothing changed,” said Sellers.

A Fairfield County Board of Elections official indicated that the Franklin County Board of Elections handled the recount of the race for both counties since the majority of the precincts are in Franklin County.

Here are the official Nov. 2 local election results according to the Franklin County Board of Elections.

Groveport city council (top four selected):
Scott Lockett, 690; Becky Hutson, 578; Edward G. Dildine, 547; Jack Rupp Jr., 521; Cheryl Irving, 473; Wayne White, 374.

Groveport Madison board of education (top three selected): Seth Bower, 2,404; LaToya Dowdell-Burger, 2,037; Libby Gray, 1,890; Wayne Bryan, 1,695; Betty Simcox, 1,595; Polly Pierce, 1,069.

Madison Township
Madison Township trustee (top two selected): John Pritchard, 2,142; Katherine Chipps, 1,971; Debbie Miller, 1,808; John Kershner, 1,773.

Obetz and Hamilton Township
Obetz village council (top four selected): Robert Cramer, 549; Guiles Richardson, 509; Mike Kimbler, 499; Todd Gibbs, 447; Bonnie Wiley, 431.

Hamilton Township board of education (top three selected): Mary Isaac, 809; David Schutte, 804; Amber Clark, 756; Jeff Sewell, 710; Hillary Thompson, 635; Damon Batchelder, 486.

Hamilton Township trustee (top two selected): Chris Hann, 1,067; Todd Blackstone, 754.


Lockbourne village council (two selected): Tony Grandstaff, 17; Bobbi Crouse, 14.

Canal Winchester

Canal Winchester city council (top four selected): Jill Amos, 1,494; Ashley Ward, 1,281; Laurie Amick, 1,280; Patrick Shea, 1,203; Brandon Hord, 1,195; Chuck Carpenter, 1,073; Chloe Green, 1,063.

Canal Winchester board of education (top three selected): Dave George, 2,115; Vangela Barnes, 2,002; Monika Talley, 1,946.

Canal Winchester City Charter amendments: Yes: 1,320; No: 756.

The amendments are:

•The clerk of council will be subject to the control of the officers of council and shall be responsible for other duties as assigned by council.

•Two copies of an ordinance will be kept at all times in the clerk of council’s office, or elsewhere at city hall, and available for reference by interested persons.

•Ordinances and resolutions will be published by posting copies in not less than three public places in the city, and on the municipal website.

•On or before the last day of January in 2000 and each five years thereafter, the mayor shall appoint five and the council shall appoint six members of the Charter Review Commission. This is a change from the previous 10-year standard.

•Three references to Canal Winchester as a village within the charter were also amended to reflect its designation as a city. A 10.02 recall section was also proposed for clarification regarding advertising for a recall election for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in Canal Winchester, and on the city website.

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