ODOT says no to red light cameras

The Ohio Department of Transportation controls the intersections in Pickerington where most of the red

light violations occur and ODOT told the city at the Sept. 16 council meeting that the state would not allow red light cameras at its traffic signals.

Councilman Brian Wisniewski said the Service Committee must decide if it wants to continue to pursue the

cameras for the remaining intersections.

The cameras would be installed along State Route 256. ODOT controls all intersections in the city from the

Marcus Cinema traffic light northward to the interstate.

According to a report from Redflex Traffic Systems, who conducted a traffic study, over the course of a

month, the intersection of S.R. 256 and I-70 experienced nearly 2,000 red light violators.

At the intersection of S.R. 256 and S.R. 2044, there were nearly 1,000 violators.

The council also discussed why Victory Park still remained without playground equipment. The original

equipment was removed in June after flooding washed away the protective mulch.

According to City Manager Tim Hansley, the playground equipment had been sitting in a warehouse since last

year, but the city has yet to construct the base for the structure.

The parks department decided to have city staff construct the base rather than hire a contractor, so that they could buy additional equipment, Hansley said.

Impact fees collected from the construction of new homes paid for the updated equipment. Now that other

city projects have been completed, staff will be available to begin the playground project, Hansley said.

Wisniewski expressed frustration at the "most used park" being without a playground.

"Just get it done," Councilman Jeff Fix concurred.

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