ODOT outlines U.S. 33/Bixby Road project

A $2.16 million project to make improvements to U.S. Route 33 at Bixby Road began in April and is expected to be completed by Oct. 15, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Money for the project came from state and federal funding through ODOT.

The project includes: resurfacing U.S. 33 from Hamilton Road (State Route 317) to the Fairfield County line; extending left turn lanes from both directions of U.S. 33 to Bixby Road to allow more distance to slow down to make the turn; and installing delineators that prohibit left turns and straight thru movements on Bixby Road at U.S. 33.

As of April, going straight on Bixby Road across U.S. 33 is no longer permitted. Currently, and when the project is completed, Bixby Road is right turn only.

Left turn lanes on U.S. 33 to Bixby Road are closed for two months while crews extend the lanes. Detours:

•U.S. 33 east to Bixby Road north detour: U.S. 33 to Rager Road to Bixby Road.
•U.S. 33 west to Bixby Road south detour: U.S. 33 to State Route 317 to Bixby Road.

For information call ODOT at (740) 833-8268 or email d06.pio@dot.ohio.gov.

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  1. We need a light there, you never can get out. What are you going to do with the sharp turn on bixby ? THANKS

    • They will never put a light there. They want 33 to become more of a freeway and want to limit the access of 33. They keep boxing in the people that live in that area more and more. They have to go out of there way now to go anywhere.

      • Old post I know but “go out of their way to get anywhere”? The thousands of folks that use 33 every day have to go out of their way because of the people that choose to use poor judgment and turn out onto 33 from Bixby Road from a dead stop causing major backup and accidents that the people that choose to access 33 there are totally oblivious of. If you want to be safe and care more for society as a whole you’d be more than happy to access 33 at Hamilton Road or Gender until ODOT can get the planned interchange at Bixby completed. Gaining access to 33 from Bixby Road at rush hours is being stupid and nearsighted. ODOT spending 2-3 million on this project was stupid. The time i’ve wasted sitting on 33 between Hill/Diley and Bixby in the mornings and between 104 and Bixby in the evenings for the past 20 some years because of people wanting to gain access and turn out from a dead stop at Bixby makes me stupid too. That’s not to mention the the near miss i’ve had with someone turning out in front of me and my family at that intersection on a Sunday morning. ODOT is stupid for wasting money at that intersection. They should have just closed it and focussed more on getting the interchange completed. I’ve often travelled 10 miles out of my way to get to work because of not being able to bear another minute wasted or making it to work another day late on the expressway called 33. The 10 miles out of my way often saves 15 minutes. Figure that one out. So, i can’t believe all of us are stupid. 33 is just stupid. Any 21st century expressway with 19th century stop signs to access it has to be stupid. Putting stop lights up would be even more stupid. The only sign they should put up if not Road Closed should read “If you choose to turn out onto thIs EXPRESSWAY at this intersection, you do so at your own risk and to the peril of others. The large volume of traffic crossing your path is moving at a high rate of speed. Therefore if you do turn out here, floor your accelerator immediately to achieve traffic flow speed as quickly as possible. Otherwise you are putting the safety of yourself and others in jeopardy.” The other sign below this one should read “If you do choose safety for yourself and others please access US 33 at Gender Road to the South or Hamilton Road to the North and Thank You for your PATIENCE!” You people that use Bixby to access 33 at rush hours should be thanking many thousands every day for their PATIENCE with you.


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