Obetz’s Lancaster Park to get a new name

By Rick Palsgrove
Managing Editor

Image courtesy of the city of Obetz
This is a rendering showing a bird’s eye view of the proposed improvements to Obetz’s Lancaster Park.

The city of Obetz’s revitalization of Lancaster Park includes the park’s new name .

Obetz residents participated in a two stage survey to select the park’s new name with the goal of capturing the spirit of Obetz and to reflect Obetz’s history and character.

Obetz City Council members will cast their vote for one of the top five names from the surveys at an upcoming city council meeting. If there is a tie vote, Mayor Angela Kirk would have cast the deciding vote.

The top five names in the survey were (this information provided by Obetz Public Relations Manage Kaitlin Duncan):

•Junction 39° – This name pays homage to the junction of the Scioto Valley Traction Line interurban electric railway and the park’s location at 39° latitude. It’s a nod to the historical significance of the railroad that traversed the country and contributed to the development of Obetz.

•Junction Park – Obetz was originally known as Obetz Junction in 1838, making this name a tribute to the town’s historical roots. The name also reflects the park’s role as a central point for community activities, much like the original junction was a hub for transportation and commerce.

•Obetz Junction – This name recalls the original name of Obetz, emphasizing the town’s historical beginnings. Junction refers to the connection of various activities and people, symbolizing the park as a central gathering place for the community.

•Recreation Station – Combining “Recreation” to denote the park’s purpose and “Station” to reflect the historical train station that was once there. This name is memorable, easy to say, and appeals to both children and adults by acknowledging the park’s recreational and historical significance.

•Shire Park – A tribute to the serene nature of the park area. The name evokes a sense of tranquility and peace, offering a pleasant and welcoming environment for all visitors to enjoy.

Park revitalization
Lancaster Park, located at 4390 Lancaster St. in Obetz, is a four-and-a-half-acre park. It originally featured a shelter house, playground equipment, two Bocce ball courts, and a 60×12 foot splash pad that in the winter converts to an ice rink.

The park revitalization project extends beyond the name change and the city of Obetz has a multi-phase plan to add improvements and more features to the park. Improvements being made include: a new pickleball complex, new cornhole boards, and permanent game tables for ongoing community enjoyment.

“The park’s upgrades are a response to our community’s call for a more vibrant and diverse recreational environment, ensuring that our facilities meet both current and future needs,” said Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson earlier this year. “We are deeply committed to this project and believe that the enhancements will provide significant benefits to the residents of Obetz.”

Davisson said the park is set to receive a facelift with a new game area, a play lawn, upgrades to the existing splash pad and shelter, and an expansion of parking facilities to accommodate the growing community.

“The improvements are projected to cost $2.5 million and will be financed through our capital improvement funds, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing the city’s recreational facilities,” said Davisson earlier this year. “Further, we’re planning a second phase which will revitalize Lancaster Avenue with new walkways, lights, and an improved road surface in future construction seasons.”

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