Obetz plans big projects to enhance the community

By Rick Palsgrove
Managing Editor

The city of Obetz has ambitious plans that are outlined in its 2024 Capital Improvement Plan.

“As we reflect on our city’s journey, it is with immense pride that we look back at the milestones achieved through our Capital Improvement Plan (CIP),” said Obetz Mayor Angela Kirk. “Our recent past endeavors since 2018, valued at over $15 million, have laid a robust foundation for the continued prosperity of Obetz. As we embark on the next significant chapter with our ambitious five-year CIP, totaling upwards of $122 million, we are not just constructing buildings and parks, but we are forging a legacy for future generations. The 2024 launch of the Lancaster Park project epitomizes our dedication to this legacy — enhancing the vibrancy of our community and enriching the lives of every citizen in Obetz. These plans are more than blueprints, they are the aspirations of our residents taking shape, and the promise of our city’s bright future becoming a reality.”

City officials describe the community development projects included in the CIP as “transformational” and that the plan is “designed to be flexible and responsive to the city’s financial health, public needs, development opportunities, borrowing capabilities, and the prevailing construction landscape, among other factors.”

Of note is that officials state that the projects associated Buckstone Development are not included in the CIP, but are administered separately as they are funded through the layered incentive program established at Buckstone.

Lancaster Park remodel
The rededication of Lancaster Park is a highlight with remodeling construction slated to begin this spring. The project includes the introduction of a pickleball complex, comprehensive curb and sidewalk repairs, the installation of new park fencing, and the addition of permanent game tables.

The city partnered with the privately operated Obetz Historians to offer commemorative bricks, which can be purchased by residents as a lasting tribute within the park. These bricks and further details about them can be found on the Obetz Historians’ website at obetzhistorians.org.

During the construction of Phase I, the city will have a name the park contest where residents can suggest and vote on a new name for the Lancaster Park complex.

Obetz capital projects for 2024
Here are 10 significant capital projects for for Obetz in 2024:

•Lancaster Park Phase I (construction begins this spring). Estimated cost: $1.8 million. Includes upgrades to Lancaster Park including a pickleball complex, curb and sidewalk repair, and new park fencing.

•Obetz Conference Center remodel. Estimated cost: $50,000. Completion of pre-COVID renovations at the OCC including conference room and gymnasium upgrades.

•Security upgrades at administrative buildings. Estimated cost: $174,000. Installation of technical and physical security upgrades for administrative buildings and parking lots.

•Playground. Estimated cost: $300,000. Modern design, equipment, and construction for a playground in Memorial Park.

•Lancaster Park Roller Rink. Estimated cost: $75,000. Updates to Ice Rink/Splash Pad to introduce the ability to roller skate in the spring and fall including potential new sports flooring.

•Recreation Trail lighting. Estimated cost: $300,000. Replacement and electrical work for failing lighting along Recreation Trail.

•Road resurfacing. Estimated cost: $500,000. Various paving and road improvements for 2024.

•Annex Building remodel. Estimated cost: $500,000. Repairing building damage and creating office space for city use.

•Alum Creek widening (Start date not determined). Estimated cost: $4 million. Adding a third lane to Alum Creek in both directions. To be funded through Creekside South TIF Fund and bonds.

•Golf course. Estimated cost: $3 million. Development of a well-lit, state-of-the-art golf facility. To be financed through bonds.

Fiscal responsibility and the future
“The meticulous allocation of funds to each of these projects underscores our dedication to fiscal responsibility,” said Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson. “By leveraging specific funds aligned with each project’s goals, we ensure that our capital improvements are both impactful and sustainable. As we continue to build upon our achievements, we remain committed to transparency, community engagement, and the judicious use of city resources. Our CIP is more than a list of projects, it is a road map to a thriving future for Obetz.”

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