Obetz names public works superintendent; also bans trailers parking in town

By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

Obetz City Council established the position of public works superintendent to be filled right away.

Marty Ryan, currently the manager of utility, was recommended by council, Mayor Angela Kirk, and City Administrator Rod Davisson to step into the role of public works supervisor.
Ryan has worked for the city for 29 years and has been described as a “competent leader that all the guys respect,” by Kirk and Davisson.

“Ryan will help us to be able to get a lot more accomplished and free me up to work on some of the other things the city has going on,” said Davisson

The city has five field operation departments, whose superintendents will now report to Ryan instead of Davisson.

The grounds crew is responsible for landscaping, mowing, and tree trimming.

The service department is responsible for streets, curves, gutters, signage, traffic lights, and rights of way.

Facilities is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of all buildings, HVAC, electrical, roofing, and janitorial services.

The special projects division, together with research and development, are responsible for Christmas, one-off manufacturing, and welding.

The utilities department is responsible for water, sewer, electric, and gas.

“In addition to overseeing the other superintendents, Ryan will manage our work order system and our new city works program, and make sure that we coordinate the work between departments,” said Davisson. “I’d love to say the departments all work together harmoniously all the time, but that’s just not true. We need a superintendent who can go out and make sure that they’re following the assignments. I’m convinced Marty will do a good job at it and I’m excited for the opportunity for him. It’s well deserved.”

Jon Davis, who’s been at the Water Department for 21 years, will become the new water department superintendent.

Tanner Huston, currently in the landscaping department, will move over and begin his training as a new water operator.

Davisson said the city is still looking for at least three more service technicians and three more mowing crew, and probably one for he facilities department to help Facilities Superintendent Tim Ross.

Other Obetz news
•Council passed an ordinance to ban the parking of trailers.

“This simply prevents the parking of commercial trailers on the streets, unless they’re actively engaged in doing something. This also prohibits overnight parking,” said Davisson. “We’re getting a lot of complaints from the neighborhoods about trailers making it difficult to get through the neighborhoods.”

“It’s difficult for us, difficult for school buses, and difficult for everyday vehicles that are parked across the street from other houses,” added Kirk.

This applies to semi-trailers or any other type of haulable trailer – basically any trailer that you can haul, said Davisson.

It’s allowed if someone is actively using the trailer, like a landscaper.

“Hopefully this will alleviate some of the issues with buses fitting down the streets, especially in the snow and ice where people couldn’t get quite as close to the curves as they’d like to. So, if you are on a tight street, make sure to pull over as far as you can,” said Councilman Robert Kramer.

•Kirk gave a shout out to the city’s snow plow drivers.

“We had guys come from all of our departments and help our guys run in shifts. Thanks also to our administrator,” said Kirk. “He and our crew donated some time to the school district on Monday after the ice storm because they didn’t have the heavy equipment we have. They were able to get everything cleared out so that we could get back to work on Tuesday. I’m telling you, that storm was probably the worst I’ve met on the planet. Our guys just barreled right on with no complaints. If you see those guys, give them a pat on the back. They did a really good job, and I don’t want it to go unnoticed.”

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