Obetz maintains connection to Greater Columbus Sports Commission

By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

The city of Obetz will continue its contract with the Greater Columbus Sports Commission.

The Greater Columbus Sports Commission helps to attract events to the greater Columbus area.

Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson said Obetz is a part of it because Obetz has the third largest facility in a five county region.

“These are the folks who run the Community Cup that we have here, and a number of things,” said Davisson. “It’s good to be able to coordinate with other groups and then we help to attract larger scale things to the region.”

Obetz has won the Community Cup in its division each year they have competed.

“If you wanted to have a super soccer tournament,” Davisson said as an example, “You could play at the old Crew Stadium, the new Crew stadium, at Fortress Obetz, or at OSU. So if we wanted to have like a World Cup or something like that, that’s what this organization does and it’s why we’re a member.”

Obetz City Council approved rezoning two parcels of land on Lindsay Road from low density residential construction as well as the parcel that houses the car wash on Alum Creek Drive from general commercial district to planned community district for the final development plan for the new Sheetz on Alum Creek Drive.

“This is the southern part of the larger development site,” said Council Clerk Stacey Boumis. “This is cleanup to bring the southern part of the site into the same zoning district as the northern part incorporated into the Walnut Creek Center Plan. All the good stuff approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission is still there as far as the traffic controls, the outside dining area, and the heavy landscaping. The only thing that has changed from earlier plans is that the car wash is gone and then you have a storm pond on the south side and the dumpster is slightly relocated.”

Eric Elizando, Director at Skilken|Gold Real Estate Development, explained some decisions that have been made concerning the new Sheetz project.

“There were some financial issues related to the car wash in terms of its construction and Sheetz is also evaluating their operations of the car wash,” said Elizando.” Project costs have seen a significant rise in construction. We are building Froehlich Road and we’re also building data and electric. And that runs just north of the car wash.”

Carryover of personal time
Davisson informed council that the city has a situation of “where our folks do a good job of saving up their personal time and sick and vacation time until the end of the year. Then some of them got caught with the winter storm and were unable to use their personal time.”

He asked council to create a waiver for those who had to work in the storm and allow them to carry over their personal days.

“It’s only a couple of people,” said Davisson. It’s not 30 people. And that was a brutal storm.”

Mayor Angela Kirk agreed stating, “They saved up their time to spend with their families during the holidays and they ended up not being able to use it because of the weather.”

Council approved the request.

Wonderful Wednesdays
“We are reinvigorating the staff training that we do,” said Davisson. “So, about every other year, we do a year worth of classes on being a municipal employee. I think we’re doing them on fourth Fridays, now we’re moving that to Wednesdays. I don’t have a cool name for them yet. Wonderful Wednesdays or something. We’ll do it over the last Wednesday of the month. We’ll cover topics that are important to council, like ethics and harassment. And the more esoteric stuff about being a municipal employee. In addition, we’ve added a second hour to those. That’ll be personal finance training. We have a lot of young kids who work for us and I get a lot of questions from them, like how to buy a house, how to finance a car, investments and what compounding interest is and how it works, and building wealth.”

Davisson said the classes will be taught by city staff.

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