Obetz enacts moratorium on marijuana permits

By Rick Palsgrove
Managing Editor
Obetz City Council has hit pause regarding marijuana permits.

Council approved an immediate moratorium on the issuance and processing of permits allowing retail dispensaries, cultivators, or processors of adult use marijuana within the city of Obetz.

“This is to give it appropriate time to see what the state ultimately decides with respect to the new laws,” said Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson.

When asked if a vendor for such an operation approached the city about opening one in Obetz, Davisson said, “Many vendors have called to inquire over the years, but nothing came of it.”

Other Obetz news
•At its April 8 meeting, council heard the second reading of legislation to issue $5.2 million in bonds for the purpose of acquiring land.

Davisson said the 118 acres of land is located along Rathmell Road and Parsons Avenue with the seller to retain roughly 11 acres.

When asked what is to be developed there and who is developing it, Davisson said, “Obetz. It’s not yet planned, but likely a mixed use development that is part of Buckstone.”

•Council also hard the second reading of an ordinance for the issuance of $1.7 million in notes for the purpose of acquiring and constructing public utility improvements, including any necessary road, sidewalk, landscaping, and other improvements.

Davisson said this is for “undergrounding utilities in downtown Obetz.”

•Another piece of legislation that had its second reading before council was an ordinance to issue $3.2 million in notes regarding property along Groveport Road at Orchard Lane.

“This is not for land purchase,” said Davisson. “It’s for the construction (by Obetz) of a commercial building of roughly 10,000 square feet. Construction will begin late summer/early fall. It is still in the design phase.”

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