Obetz Council approves water line, subdivision, insurance program, and court service

By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

Obetz City Council approved a water line extension and infrastructure improvements for a current project.

The water line will start in front of the old middle school and extend to the corner near the store on Lockbourne Road and Seacrest Road, then across the street and will dead end there.

Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson said, “Our process requires us to bid out projects like this or to wait for competitive bidding, because the speed of which we need to get it done with the supply chain issues. (City engineer) Mike Corbitt has already ordered the water line, which needs to be in place early this summer for the project that’s being built from that water line. We will get the competitive pricing without going through the full bid process to get our project done in time. Instead of going through the formal bidding process, which takes about 120 days, this is a competitive pricing process, so we’re able to manifest those bidding rules in a way that makes the most sense for the project. This also cuts down the timeline. The line’s got to be built, whether higher or lower.”

Davisson said he is “not going to jump to essentially be the lowest and best price of the thing we work out.”

“There’s also one called best value, most responsible, best value, probably the most popular of those bidding options right now,” said Davisson. “But best value means more than just price, right? It makes a whole bunch of other things, but you’re looking for a company that has the capability to do it, the timing thing at the right price, all that stuff kind of jumbles together. And then you choose. And in this instance, you need to go quickly.”

Big Walnut Run subdivision
Council approved the final plat for Section 3 of the Big Walnut Run Subdivision.

The development is 34 lots on the Bixby Road side of the intersection of Groveport and Bixby roads, adjacent to Fairchild Estates.

Kevin McCauley, attorney for Stavroff Estates, told council he made sure the properties are listed as residing in Obetz, not Groveport, although the students within the subdivision will attend Groveport Madison Schools.

Employee dishonesty and
faithful performance insurance
Council authorized the purchase of an employee dishonesty and faithful performance insurance policy for the city rather than individual surety bonds.

“We used to require that certain employees would carry bonds, like surety bonds, in case they do something stupid,” said Davisson. “They have now changed the law and you’re no longer required to do bonds. You can do insurance instead. A lot of the companies that offered the bonds are now getting out of that business. We want to switch from bonds to insurance – same effect. From a victim’s standpoint, you just have insurance instead of a surety bond.”

Davisson said, from his experience, insurance is usually easier to work with than surety bonds.

“So this is making the switch that’s allowed now by law,” said Davisson. “And this is the way things are kind of going now. Essentially, what happens if, let’s say, someone steals a million dollars. You used to have a surety bond to cover that. And now you have insurance.”

Prosecution services
Council authorized Davisson to enter into an agreement for prosecution services with Martin C. Nobile.

“We contracted with Frost Brown Todd, as you recall, part of their services were the prosecution mayor’s court,” said Davisson. “We’ve continued that relationship with them because that’s not what (law director Gene Hollins does.”

Davisson said Frost Brown Todd has decided to get out of the prosecutorial business.

“So we’ve taken the guy who works for Frost Brown Todd, who’s done our prosecutions for as long as I can remember, and hired him directly,” said Davisson.

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