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By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

The city of Obetz is getting ready for Halloween!

On Oct. 28 at Fortress Obetz, 2015 Recreation Trail, candy will be passed out to the kids and there will be a Haunted House. City officials are still coming up with more ideas. Details will follow soon.

Trick-or-treat in Obetz will be on Oct. 31 from 6-8 pm.

“Make sure your porch lights are on if you’re in the community and you are planning to pass out candy, so the kids know which houses they should come to,” said Mayor Angela Kirk.

Other Obetz news
•Kirk said the Mayor’s Golf Outing in September to benefit the Food Pantry was a success.

“We were able to raise over $7,000, which is the largest amount we’ve raised in the history of this golf outing,” said Kirk. “This equals out to about 1,500 meals.”

•Code enforcement in the city of Obetz includes 51 violations with 34 open cases, 54 closed cases, and 34 open since 2020. There have been three new violations since last report. Kirk wanted to recognize the efforts of Code Enforcement Officer Don Clark.

•Councilman Mike Kimbler said that on Sept. 24 at the D. Greg Scott Park tennis courts the city held its first free introduction to skateboarding program, presented by Right Foot Forward 501(c)(3) for children of all ages.

•The next Obetz City Council meeting will be Oct. 11. The city offices will be closed on Oct. 10 in observance of Columbus Day.

Obetz Planning and Zoning

By Katelyn Sattler, Staff Writer

The Obetz Planning and Zoning Commission approved allow a decorative four foot fencing and variances to allow decorative wood fencing.

Jon Martin of 1835 Hillcrest Avenue came before the Planning & Zoning Commission Sept. 14 to request a conditional use permit and variance to replace his four foot chain link fence that had been accidentally damaged.

City zoning code prohibits chain link fencing in the front yard. It also restricts the height of front yard fencing to three feet. All front yard fencing must be decorative.

Mayor Angela Kirk asked Martin if he wanted to replace the chain link fence or upgrade it.

Kirk said she’d be okay with Martin returning it to the original chain link fencing since another entity caused the damage. Martin said he’s fine upgrading to the city’s code.

Kirk also asked Kristy Martin if she’d rather replace the chain link fence with another chain link fence. She expressed interest in upgrading to a four foot decorative wood fence.

Sign issue
Sign Vision Company requested a comprehensive sign program and variance for 2400 McGaw Road.

The zoning code limits the number of wall signs to one wall sign per wall face. It also does not permit wall signs on wall faces that don’t front a public right of way. It also requires a comprehensive sign program if two or more signs are proposed.

The applicant requested four wall signs total. There are two wall signs on one wall face; one wall sign on another face that front a public right of way; the third wall sign is on a side of the building that does not front a public right of way.

Law Director Gene Hollins said it’s a new tenant in the building and the company has two lines of business, which is why they need four signs.

“The signs are small for the scale,” said Hollins. “But we have a pretty strict sign code. We wanted to run this through and make sure that you’re okay with four total and that you got a chance to look at their comprehensive sign package.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the request.

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