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By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

There was a water main break along Groveport Road near the west roundabout near Alum Creek Drive that was slated for repairs Oct. 24.

Obetz City Administrator Rod Davisson said that, once water was restored in the area, residents must boil their water before using it. Affected areas will directly receive a boil water advisory with more information.

Obetz City Council news
•Council approved the final plat for section 1 of the Buckstone Bend subdivision . This means Pulte can sell the lots and start building on the old Wilburn farm east of Lockbourne Road and south of Rathmell Road.

•Councilman Todd Gibbs said two lights have been replace on Recreation Trail and at Scioto Heights – the pole on the roundabout on Alum Creek.

•Councilman Robert Kramer attended a recent Hamilton Township trustees meeting and learned the speed limit on Grebus Road has been 50 mph, which Kramer said, “Sounds insane.” It has since been lowered to 25 mph.

•In the last two weeks, the Obetz Police Department took 703 calls for service, patrolled 2,258 miles, issued one speeding citation, issued 12 other moving violations, took nine offense reports, and one crash report.

•In September, the Hamilton Township Fire Department went on 73 EMS runs and 29 fire runs.

Planning and Zoning

By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

Variances for Centerpoint 7 on Bixby Road, which is the last developable parcel in Centerpoint Business Park, were discussed at the Oct. 12 Obetz Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.

The first variance was a request to approve a gravel fire lane, which is not on the applicant’s property. The applicant must resolve the issue of the fire lane not being on the property with the industrial park association by executing an easement to allow it, which they have not yet submitted. Madison Township approved the gravel fire lane.

Another variance was a request to approve two dumpsters in the front of the building. The area is mixed residential and industrial. Since there are residential property nearby, the city of Obetz would like the dumpsters to be screened and not visible from Bixby Road.

The final variance requested was to allow a rear yard set back of two feet. While not in the variance request, the development text shows stairs on the property next to them. The applicant must get permission to have the stairs on the property next to them.

Doug Kaiser with Exxcel Project Management agreed to do those things.

Obetz City Councilman Derek Varney requested the city have another chance to review the final site plan.

The commission approved the request for variances to allow the gravel fire lane, to allow the two dumpsters on the front yard with none visible from the front yard, and also to approve the variance to allow a two foot rear yard setback on the condition that no part of the building, including staircase, is on a parcel owned by another entity.

Pulte Homes
Pulte Homes sought variances to allow a temporary sign eight feet tall and 32 square feet in area for the new development, Buckstone Bend. The sign will sit at the southeast corner of Lockbourne Road and Wilburn Boulevard and remain until all lots are sold.

Community Services Director Stacey Boumis said, “The zoning code says the maximum height is four feet. They’re asking for eight feet. The zoning code limits signage to 90 day.

Obviously, we want them to sell lots and get this development filled up. So, they want to keep the sign up until all the lots are sold, which is a reasonable request.

Boumis said there would be no lighting on this sign.

The commission approved the variance to install the sign and let it remain until all lots are sold at the Pulte property.

Buckstone Bend
Boumis said, “It’s exciting this (Buckstone Bend Final Plat Section 1) is in this phase already. They are requesting final approval for 49 lots for section one of their project. They are already in the design phase of Section 2.”

The only issue Boumis noted was that lot 48 on the preliminary plat is not on the final plat but does not pose any issues.

“It just means it’s going to be platted at an additional phase,” said Boumis.
Commissioner Dan Raver had concerns that the corner lots.

Boumis said, “Well, that’s a corner lot, so their fencing opportunities would be extremely limited. Pulte will manage their homeowners association for many years. Pulte has the same fence restrictions as Big Walnut Run, which is that all-aluminum fence. And so it would be a quality fence type, I believe, in this subdivision.”

Raver still wasn’t convinced the corner lots met the frontage requirements.

Law Director Gene Hollins said, “It’s a little over 49 feet of frontage for those (corner) lots.”

Boumis said, “We would look at the rear lot because of the curb because it’s in the right-of-way. These were the sizes that were approved before. They haven’t changed anything from their original submittal.”

The commission approved the Final Plat Section 1 for Buckstone Bend.

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