Obetz considers an annexation

By Rick Palsgrove
Managing Editor
Obetz City Council is considering legislation to accept the annexation of approximately 8.9 acres along Bixby Road.

The annexation includes two parcels located at 2695 Bixby Road and 2715 Bixby Road.

“Both properties had small farms on them, but the main use was single family residential,” said Obetz Director of Community Services Stacey Boumis. “The parcels are not in Obetz yet, so Obetz zoning does not yet apply. Once annexed, the parcels will be zoned exceptional use.”

According to Chapter 1163 of the city of Obetz’s Zoning Code, the exceptional use designation allows for the following uses: single family residential dwellings; agricultural production; and recreation.

The Zoning Code states that exceptional use is a “holding district for recently annexed land into the municipality until a development plan is submitted. Any change to the current use of the annexed property is required to go through the rezoning process…”

“No development plan has been submitted,” said Boumis. “Any use of the property other than the current use will require a rezoning.”

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