Nominations sought for Kaufman Award


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

Franklin Township residents can nominate an outstanding community leader who is going above and beyond to help the community.

The Franklin Township trustees announced that they are now accepting nominations for the annual Juanita Kaufman Award. Nominations will be accepted until July 12 and can be received via a nomination form. Nomination forms can be found at the township’s meeting hall, 2193 Frank Road.

The award is named after long-time Franklin Township resident Juanita Kaufman and was created to celebrate the community activism she has been dedicated to for decades.

“In 2008, the trustees decided as a thank you for how much I have done for the township, they would create an award in my honor,” Kaufman said. “Community members would have to nominate someone that has gone above and beyond to enhance Franklin Township. If multiple people are nominated, the trustees would pick one person to receive the award.”

Each year, the award is presented at the township’s annual National Night Out celebration. This year the celebration will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 2 at Central Baptist Church, 1955 Frank Road.

National Night Out is put on every year by the Westbrook Eastfield Neighborhood Association, which is led by Kaufman. However, according to Kaufman the association is looking for more volunteers because their core volunteers are dwindling.

“One of our volunteers passed away and the other had surgery, so we are short staffed,” she said. “Right now we only have eight people volunteering, so if anyone wants to step up, we could use the help.”

Kaufman started the area’s National Night Out 19 years ago. At 94 years old, Kaufman wants to stop coordinating the event after she has put together their 20th anniversary National Night Out in 2017. Until then, she is concentrating on the event at hand, which includes organizing a variety of prizes and food for the more than 400 attendees.

“This year we will have 10 games, a raffle, entertainment and food,” she said. “A few of the raffle items that will be given away include yard tools, gift cards, paint cans filled with high quality paint and car wash certificates.”

During National Night Out, Kaufman also will present the new Juanita Kaufman recipient with their award.

“It is a really great event that brings the whole community together,” she said. “I’m proud that I have been able to help organize it for the past 19 years.”

To learn more about the Juanita Kaufman Award or National Night Out, visit


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