No word on Groveports downtown project

A couple of Groveport elected officials are losing patience with the perceived slow progress of the village’s proposed downtown development project.

"I’m about ready to turn that area into a parking lot," said Groveport Village Councilman Shawn Cleary at council’s April 28 meeting when told by administrative officials that there was no news to report on the status of the project.

"That’s what I suggested we do in the first place," added Mayor Lance Westcamp.

Right now the only thing growing on the northeast corner of Main and Front streets in downtown Groveport is fresh spring grass, but the developer, Pizzuti Solutions, is continuing to work on finding tenants for the proposed development.

Plans for the site call for a potential retail/office development that includes: two, 19th century style two story brick buildings with varied storefronts, one 200 feet long and the other 100 feet long, totaling 34,280 square feet; parking in the rear in the former Ohio and Erie Canal bed, as well as some spaces on Main Street, that would accommodate 146 vehicles; and a public space at the west end of the development at Main and Front streets.

Last Dec. 3, council authorized amending the village’s lease and development contract with Pizzuti Solutions to allow the company an additional six months, which will run out this summer, to market the proposed development.

The original lease called for a six month due diligence period that allowed for a feasibility study, cost analysis, and marketing of the development, of which the feasibility study and cost analysis have been completed.

The village originally purchased the land extending east from the intersection of Main and Front streets for the following amounts: former Sunoco property, $104,569 in 2002; former Marathon property, $70,022 in 2004; and former pizza shop property, $130,470 in 2003.

In 2005, the village also purchased the properties on the south side of Main Street across from Town Hall for $235,000. The 19th century era buildings on this site at 651, 653, and 657 Main Street were razed in 2006 because the cost to rehabilitate them was  estimated at $360,000.

According to Finance Director Ken Salak, the village has spent $42,466 thus far for the first two stages of redevelopment planning for the downtown. The third stage, which involves marketing the development plan, has an estimated cost of $20,205.

The Pizzuti project is Phase I of the village’s plans to develop its historic downtown. Phase II would involve redeveloping the site on the south side of Main Street across from Town Hall where the two buildings were demolished.

Other Groveport news

•Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to establish a stormwater utility fee for all properties in the village.  Residents would be charged a set rate of $2 per month while larger non-residential  commercial/industrial properties would be assessed based on the amount of impervious surface on their property.

"A stormwater utility would establish a funding source for stormwater management projects in the village," reported Village Administrator Jon Crusey. "These projects would help maintain and improve the existing storm water system, as well as improve water quality in all streams throughout the village."

It is expected the stormwater utility fee would generate $405,024 annually for the village with $367,080 coming from non-residential properties and $37,944 from residential properties.

•The Groveport Police Department reported it has been receiving complaints from residents in Grove Pointe and Founders Bend about basketball hoops that have been placed curbside in the street right of way. According to a village ordinance, the village controls the street right of way and has the authority to remove the hoops. Police have left notices at residences who are in violation.

•Two new reserve police officers – Daniel Worth and John Lippian – were sworn in.

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