New ward map approved in Grove City


By Andrea Cordle
Grove City Editor

Council approved the new ward map at a recent council meeting.

Grove City Council has signed off on a plan to redistrict the wards representing citizens.

The action was taken at the May 2 council meeting.

The city established the system wards in 1983. In November of 2017, voters approved a revision to the city’s charter that would increase the ward system by one for a total of five wards. There is also an at-large seat. This revision adds another at-large seat. City council will go from five representatives to seven. All will serve a four-year term.

According to councilwoman Christine Houk, city officials used information from the 2020 census to draw the city’s ward boundaries, as well as using a geographic information system.

“This council committed to keep this as neutral of a process as possible,” said Houk.

According to ward boundary map, ward one will represent 8,233 residents in the north/west part of the city, which includes areas around Big Run South, over to Broadway, along Holt Road, and down along Orders Road. Ward two will represent the central portion of the city, which includes Broadway, Columbus Street, Kingston Avenue, and down to Orders Road. It covers 8,140 residents.

Ward three covers the southern portion of the city as well as 7,934 residents. This includes areas south of Orders Road, along Hoover Road, around State Route 665, and down to Seeds Road. Ward four will represent 7,943 citizens in the eastern portion of the city including areas along Stringtown Road, Jackson Pike, and down to Buckeye Parkway. Ward five, in the north/east area of the city will cover 9,002 residents. It starts on the north near Interstate 270 and covers areas like Home Road, Gantz Road, Marlane Drive, down to Columbus Street.

Houk said the change on council will not take place until the start of 2024, but residents will be voting on the candidates in the November 2023 General Election.

In other news, Grove City Parks and Recreation Director Kim Conrad provided a brief update on the progress for the park at Beulah Park.

According to Conrad, phase one of the park improvement project will be complete by the beginning of July. This includes work on the water, sewer, and irrigation system. It also includes the construction of a retention wall near the pond and other site enhancements.

Phase two of the project is out for bid, said Conrad. The second phase will include building features like the pickleball courts, playground, fitness areas, and pavilion. Conrad said phase two work will begin later this summer or early fall. The pavilion will be an indoor facility that is similar to the Eagle Pavilion at Fryer Park, only it will be larger in size.

The third phase includes the construction of the amphitheater. Conrad said this portion of the project is still under evaluation.

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