New transport chairs roll into Madison Health

Madison Health team members, Tom Good and Debbie Weisman, demonstrate the use of the new Staxi transport chairs at the hospital. These chairs were made possible through donations to the Madison Health Foundation.

(Posted March 16, 2021)

Madison Health recently rolled out a new style of wheelchair for patients needing assistance while receiving care at Madison Health. Thanks to the support of generous donors, 35 new transport chairs were purchased.

These chairs, called Staxi, allow hospital staff to transport patients in a smooth and safe manner. The chair surface is more sterile and easier to sanitize. Staxis are available throughout the hospital, including hospital entrances and the Park Avenue Medical Building.

“Our community has always been charitable and supportive of Madison Health. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to host Heartfelt Holidays, our annual fundraising gala. This project provided a way for people to continue their support of enhancing patient care,” said Ginger Kronk, vice president of development at Madison Health. “Providing the latest medical equipment for patients remains a priority for Madison Health as we continue to grow and provide the best care, close-to-home.”

Madison Health’s former supply of wheelchairs has been donated to two organizations. Some were donated to H.E.L.M. (Health Equipment Loan Ministry), a free local service for those in need of medical equipment. The remaining chairs were donated to Joni & Friends, a volunteer organization that delivers wheelchairs to those in need in developing countries worldwide.

For more information about the Madison Health Foundation, contact Ginger Kronk at or (740) 845-7056.

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