New police cars embrace tradition

 Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove
 Groveport Police Chief Gary York stands with one of the village’s three new "black and white" police cruisers.

The Groveport Police Department has chosen the classic "black and white" look for its new police cruisers.

"The officers really wanted to do it," said Groveport Police Chief Gary York of the change from white police cruisers to the black and white design. "Black and white speaks for itself. It’s a simple, clean looking, traditional design for law enforcement vehicles."

Added York, "But in the big scheme of things, the color of the vehicle is not as important as our department’s service to the community. Service is our number one priority."

The three new black and white, 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor cruisers cost approximately $22,000 each.  They join a fleet of seven other existing cruisers that still sport the white design that the village has used for its police cars since 1992. York said the plan is to phase in new black and white cruisers as the older cruisers need to be replaced.

The Groveport Police Department has 19 full time officers and five reserve officers who use the vehicles as well as a fleet of eight police bicycles.

The new black and white cruisers include the standard light bar, computer,  digital camera systems, and strobe lights. Painted on the vehicles’ roof is "Groveport" along with an ID number so helicopters can identify the cruiser. Also, for the first time, the village’s logo will appear on police cruisers on the rear "C" post of the vehicle.

The new cruisers also feature a "rumbler" that amplifies the siren. York said this system is helpful, especially at intersections, when one considers many drivers are on cell phones, have their windows rolled up, or are playing their car radios so loud they do not hear sirens until the last minute.

"The rumbler sends out a vibration that allows other drivers to feel the siren," said York. "It gets drivers’ attention and makes sure officers can get to a scene safely."

Residents will be able to get a good look at the black and white cruiser design as one of the new vehicles will lead the village’s Fourth of July parade.

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