New pedestrian signal

Photo courtesy of the city of Canal Winchester
The city of Canal Winchester installed a pedestrian activated Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon along Groveport Road near Thrush Drive. This new signal further marks the crosswalk and increases driver awareness. RRFBs consist of two, rectangular-shaped yellow indications, each with a solar-powered LED light. RRFBs flash with an alternating high frequency when activated to enhance conspicuity of pedestrians at the crossing to drivers. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, RRFBs can increase motorist yielding rates up to 98 percent and reduce pedestrian crashes up to 47 percent. This intersection was selected due to the 35 mph roadway speed limit; the unimproved roadway conditions (no curbs/gutters); the minimal lighting along the roadway; the commercial nature of the area; and because it is a bike path. These beacons are not intended to be installed at every intersection/crosswalk, as over-use of RRFBs can diminish their effectiveness. Pedestrians crossing Groveport Road in this area can activate the RFFB by pressing the marked button on the signal post. The signal can be activated from either side of the roadway. Wait for traffic to stop before entering the crosswalk and be aware of motorists adjusting to the new signal pattern. When activated, motorist must yield to pedestrians until they have fully crossed the street. Motorists should check both sides of the roadway to ensure more pedestrians aren’t approaching the crosswalk before proceeding. For more information on the beacon or other pedestrian safety measures the city is implementing, contact Matt Peoples, public service director, at 614-834-7734.
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