New London school board member has legal experience

By Amanda Amsel

Staff Writer

The London Board of Education unanimously voted to appoint Darryl Brown to the board.

“I am honored by this opportunity to serve,” Brown said. “I hope I can help make our schools even more successful and give students the tools they need to be successful in life.”

A 20-year resident of London, Brown brings a variety of professional experience to the board, include being a former judge advocate for the United States Air Force.

“Today I am an attorney at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,” Brown said. “In my every day job I am responsible for evaluating situations, making recommendations, reviewing data and resource allocations. All these skills I feel will be useful as a school board member.”

Brown’s sons attend London schools.

“I have been active in my children’s education and have been a youth baseball coach,” he said. “I have reached a point in my career where I have a little more time, so I am excited to be even more active in the community that I love.”

Competing with four other applicants for the position, Brown faced some fierce competition.

“We were looking for so someone that had some type of board experience, kids in the system, lived in the area for over 10 years and worked in the legal arena,” said Marvin Homan, board president. “Mr. Brown met all this criteria and we really liked his JAG experience.”

All applicants went through a vigorous application process that lasted several months and including face-to-face interviews.

“He stood out because he really wants to make our schools better and wants to know what he can do to make that happen,” Homan said.

School officials see Brown’s legal background as an asset to the district, as they do not have an attorney on staff.

“When a legal question arises we have to hire outside council to advise us,” Homan said. “Before we hire legal council we can now ask Mr. Brown for his legal expertise, which will save us some money.”

Brown is filling a vacant seat and will serve on the board for two years. After his two year term ends in December 2015, he will have to run for re-election if he so chooses.


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