New Groveport police station to open soon

By Rick Palsgrove

Southeast Editor

Sgt. Brian Thompson checks out the secure evidence lockers in the new police station.
Sgt. Brian Thompson checks out the secure evidence lockers in the new police station.

The Groveport Police Department’s new police station is spacious and modern, which is different from the cramped space the department currently occupies.

The police department will move from the Groveport Municipal Building into a new home, located at 5690 Clyde Moore Drive in Groveport, in early March, according to Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier.

“This new location is a good investment,” said Portier. “It will allow for growth in the police department as the city grows.”

The city of Groveport purchased the 6,000 square foot, one story, 15-year-old office building made of concrete and metal for $472,500 from Greenpointe Park, LTD.

According to Groveport City Administrator Marsha Hall, the remodeling, furnishing and equipment cost for the building is $473,997.

Portier said purchasing and remodeling the building came in within budget and was more affordable than constructing a new police station building, which he said could have cost more than $5 million.

According to Portier, the new police station should serve the city and its 22 police officers for the next 15 to 25 years.

Hall said the newly acquired building has more than double the amount of space than the police department currently uses at the municipal building, located at 655 Blacklick St.

The new building includes upgraded computer and communications technology. It also has offices for the chief, captain, lieutenants, sergeants, detectives; interview rooms; men and women’s locker rooms; a reception area; a kitchen; and a secure evidence room. There is also a secure prisoner process room.

“That’s something we don’t have at our old police station in the municipal building,” said Portier. “At our old location, if a prisoner escapes, they could get loose in the municipal building offices. It’s unsafe. The room at our new location is more secure.”

The new police station will also house the city’s emergency operations center to be used in case of a local disaster.

“The emergency operations center is a valuable asset we’ve never had before,” said Portier.

Portier said the new police station will improve police response time because it is near major, open roads, unlike the current police station, which is situated among narrow alleys and residential streets.

Portier said other advantages of the new police station include: it can be easily updated to adapt to future digital technology; it is accessible to residents; citizens can make police reports in a more private setting; enhanced communications; and there is space to hold police community safety classes for residents.

Portier said there will be a dedication ceremony for the new facility, possibly sometime in April.

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