New greenery for the Groveport Municipal Building


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Photos courtesy of the city of Groveport
The Groveport Municipal Building, 655 Blacklick St., is getting new landscaping and greenery this spring. Public Service Department workers are shown here preparing the soil.

The Groveport Municipal Building is getting a fresh new spring time look.

Public Service Department workers removed the old landscaping around the building and are putting in a new variety of plants.

“The previous landscape had matured and was in need of revitalization,” said Groveport Public Service Director Brian Strayer. “One intent with the redesign was to provide enough year round appeal with the shrubbery while framing the areas that are highlighted every year with annuals. You may remember how lush the landscape was in the summer and how bare it was thru the winter. Now we hope to provide a little more balance throughout the year. We were able to re-purpose some of the former landscape material at the Aquatic Center and also at the Wert’s Grove building.”

Strayer said, since the building faces north, they wanted to take advantage of a morning sun/afternoon shade climate.

Public Service Department workers remove a sign posts to make room for new plants.

“The front of the building will feature ‘Bloomstruck’ and ‘Pistachio’ reblooming Hydrangea,” said Strayer. “‘Mr. Bowling Ball’ Arborvitae and ‘Boxwood’ will frame the middle of the landscape. The wind protected area adjacent to the entry doors should provide an ideal climate for ‘Rhododendron’ and ‘Azalea.’ At the corner of Front and Blacklick streets we planted a ‘Kousa Dogwood’ surrounded by ‘Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire.’”

City workers just started the plug trays recently in the city’s greenhouse.

“The annuals should be ready around mid-May for planting at the municipal building as well as the rest of our landscape beds,” said Strayer. “The shrubber (for the municipal building project) came from area nurseries. Shrub material will be completed soon and the annuals will be planted in mid-May.”

According to Strayer, the landscape material for this project cost approximately $3,500.

The project was budgeted in late 2022 as part of the Groveport Parks operating budget.


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