New commissioner appointed in the Hilltop

By Josephine Birdsell
Staff Writer

The Greater Hilltop Area Commission appointed Aden Mohamed to the commission at its December meeting.

Mohamed has lived on the westside of Columbus for 14 years, nine of which he has spent on the Hilltop. He graduated from West High School. While he currently lives on Hilliard-Rome Road, he works in the Hilltop as the director of the Hilltop Tigers soccer program with MyProjectUSA.

“We work with a lot of at-risk youth right now,” Mohamed said, “and they really look up to us, which is an amazing feeling.”

Mohamed feels as though he has built a family and community in the Hilltop, he said. He hopes he can serve that community through his time on the commission.

“I’ve witnessed how unfairly the Hilltop has been vilified, and I don’t think that it is true because I know a lot of great people live here. I’ve lived here for so long, and I’ve encountered a lot of great people on the Hilltop,” he said. “But I also know about the struggles. I know about the economic struggles that the Hilltop goes through.”

His work with MyProjectUSA has given him a unique perspective on the challenges facing the Hilltop, he said. But the people in the community give him hope for a brighter future for the Hilltop.

“I want to be a part of the good struggle to make the Hilltop a better place,” Mohamed said.

Mohamed will have his swearing in ceremony during the Jan. 5 commission meeting.

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