New at the fair: Gaming trucks

The Buckeye Mobile Entertainment gaming truck is equipped with multiple televisions and game consoles.

(Posted June 29, 2023)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Are you into video games? Curious about virtual reality? The 2023 Madison County Fair has something for you.

Two gaming trucks are scheduled to set up in the midway from 5 to 9 p.m. July 8-9 and July 14-15. One specializes in all sorts of traditional video games. The other specializes in virtual reality games. Both involve trucks equipped with televisions and consoles.

“Gaming is big with kids. So, we thought, let’s bring in something that draws in the youth and, that way, they’ll also get to see the other things that go on at the fair,” said fairboard member Tia Sexton.

While the target audience is youths, adults are welcome to enjoy the gaming trucks, too.

Buckeye Mobile Entertainment

Based in Columbus, Buckeye Mobile Entertainment has been bringing the fun to birthday parties, family reunions, school events, church events, corporate picnics, and other community events for eight years. This is only the second time the company has set up at a county fair, but they are ready to welcome gamers on the midway.

“Our video game truck is equipped with seven televisions and is climate controlled,” said Maurice “Coach Moe” Colbert, company president. “We have Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch game consoles.”

Players can choose from a wide variety of games, from Mario Kart to NBA 2K23 and Madden NFL 23. All games are E-rated for everyone. No teen or mature-rated games will be offered.

“One of the most popular games is Minecraft,” Colbert. “Another popular one is Just Dance which we set up on televisions outside the truck.”

The minimum age to play any of the games is 8 years old. Four people can play per television inside the truck. Sessions likely will run 15 minutes, depending on the line. There is no charge to play.

Virtual reality games are the main attraction at the VR Lounge Game Truck.

VR Lounge Game Truck

At the VR Lounge Game Truck, fair visitors will have their choice of playing virtual reality games or traditional video games. With the virtual reality options, gamers wear headsets that make them feel like they are inside the game.

The 22-foot long truck has four virtual reality stations, each equipped with a PS4 gaming console and headset. One person plays at a time. All games are non-violent and feature themes like deep sea, carnival, Ironman, and adventure. One of the stations is dedicated to a virtual reality car simulator. The virtual reality games are recommended for ages 8 and older.

“Virtual reality is quite an experience. It’s immersive. It takes video games to a whole other level,” said Janell Crump, who co-owns the Columbus-based business with Douglas Whitson.

The truck also includes one station dedicated to traditional video games. It’s equipped with a PS5 gaming console. One or two people can play at a time. Additionally, up to eight players at a time can play games using a Wii U console connected to a television on the truck’s exterior.

The cost to play games at the VR Lounge Game Truck is $5 per 10-minute session.


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