Mt. Sterling garage door becomes work of art

Dick Redman (left) of Mount Sterling stands with Patrick Dunkley, a friend from church who painted this farm scene on Redman’s garage door.

(Posted Jan. 2, 2019)

By Becky Barker, Messenger Staffer

Personal touches make a house a home.

In Dick Redman’s case, personality and imagination have found a place on a once blank garage door.

This fall, Redman asked Patrick Dunkley, a friend from church, to transform the unorthodox canvas into a mural.

“I lived in Green Valley, Arizona, for a while and my neighbor had her garage door painted twice a year,” said Redman, who decided he wanted to do the same for his Mount Sterling home.

Dunkley, who has enjoyed painting for most of his adult life, mainly through set designs for community theater, was happy to oblige.

“I’ve painted sets for many high school programs in London and West Jefferson, as well as set designs for shows for London Players and the Madison County Arts Council,” he said.

He also has painted the walls of his children’s bedrooms multiple times. Currently, his son’s room is Star Wars-themed and his daughter’s room features landscapes of Africa and Asia.

“While I don’t do this for a living, I do enjoy painting for good causes and friends,” Dunkley said.

In discussing ideas for the garage door mural, Redman told Dunkley he wanted a farm scene with bright colors. He also asked for a little church on a hill, a horse and wagon in the hay, and a biplane overhead.

When asked why this particular scene, Redman said, “Because I’m an ole farm boy.”

Once the concept was finalized, Dunkley pre-primed the garage door with an oil-based primer and painted the mural in acrylics for quick drying. Once finished, he sprayed the door with exterior varnish then brushed on an ultraviolet protective clear gloss.

The project took about 50 hours to complete. Dunkley worked on it on evenings and weekends over the past few months.

“I really enjoyed painting with Mr. Redman sitting outside with me,” Dunkley said. “We chatted about life and friends. Occasionally, a neighbor would stop by to visit with him while I painted. His hope would be that the mural would bring a bit of brightness and joy to his neighbors.”

Dunkley is a London native who lives near Mount Sterling with his wife, Carey, and children, Julie, 13, and Andrew, 11.

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