Mt. Sterling council looks to meet in person next month

(Posted May 13, 2020)

By Andrew Garrett, Staff Writer

On May 11, Mount Sterling village council completed what Mayor Marci Darlington hopes will be council’s last regularly scheduled meeting held by teleconference. The next meeting–moved to the month of June due to the fourth Monday of the month falling on Memorial Day–is set to take place at its regular spot at town hall.

With the move back to town hall, all necessary parties could be expected to attend as requested, including someone from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. Neither Deputy Jack Dill nor a sheriff’s report took part in the May 11 meeting, noted Jay Pettey, council member.

“I feel that since we just passed that contract (for services with the Madison County Sheriff Department), we need and deserve to know what’s going on in our village,” he said.

Council passed several pieces of legislation at the May 11 meeting, including authorization of a contract with Cottrill Surveying at a cost of $800. The company will survey right-of-way and property lines owned by the village in close proximity to the yard of resident Richard Holroyd at the corner of Clark and Main streets.

According to Holroyd, large trucks attempting to access BST via Clark Street have destroyed portions of his yard. He said the trucks leave large ruts in their attempts to make turns too tight for their size. Holroyd wants a wall or other type of barrier installed.

While sympathetic to Holroyd’s plight, Andrew Drake, council member, wanted it known that the village is paying only for the survey and will have no part in financing the barrier.

Council passed a resolution accepting Charles E. Harris & Associates as the recommended audit services provider for the year 2021. The village is scheduled to be audited every other year, according to Courtney Bricker, fiscal officer. While audits were conducted under the auspices of the state, they are performed by individual, private firms, she said.

Council also authorized the mayor to apply for funding through the Community Development Block Grant Program and approved renewal of the village’s property and liability insurance through Rinehart, Walters, Danner & Associates.

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