MP superintendent requests retire-rehire status


(Posted May 12, 2016)

By Sandi Latimer, Staff Writer

Tim Dettwiller, Madison-Plains Local Schools superintendent, plans to retire this summer, but wants to return to the same position at a reduced salary.

Dettwiller’s plans to be a retire-rehire employee were revealed at the May 9 school board meeting.

Dettwiller first served the district as treasurer in 2000-2001 and returned as treasurer in 2010. He was named superintendent in 2014. His current salary is $120,000, but he would not say what his rehire salary would be.

“That is up to the board,” he said.

The board will meet in regular session June 14 to consider his suggestion. If approved, the retirement would be effective July 31 and his three-year re-employment would begin Aug. 1.

Under state law, public employees can retire and take benefits, and be rehired in their former position without benefits. This practice allows the employer—in this case the school district—to have the experienced employee at a cost saving.

“There are not a lot of superintendents out there looking for jobs,” Dettwiller said.

His request to retire and be rehired is another step in the district’s attempt to save money. The district is already in deficit spending and, according to Treasurer Todd Mustain, the district will be in the red in 2018.

Mustain will deliver the district’s five-year forecast at a special meeting set for 6 p.m. May 26. Also to be discussed is the revised administrator’s salary schedule.

The board approved administrative contracts for three years for Joe Penney, director of technology, and Matt Mason, athletic director. Dettwiller said Penney’s technical knowledge is such that other districts ask how it’s done, while of Mason, he said, the athletic program is improving.

The board also approved creation of a maintenance coordinator position.

Varsity athletic coaches were given supplemental contracts for the coming year as follows: Jason Hunt, football; Jim Miller, girls’ golf, boys’ track and indoor co-ed track; Joanie Boyle, boys’ golf and girls’ track; Bridgett Shoemaker, cross country; Jenny Wethington, girls’ soccer; Joe Stewart, boys’ basketball; Zach Durban, baseball; and Kevin Stockham, softball.

Stewart’s resignation as a teacher was accepted, but his request to be an aide was defeated when several questions arose, both from the board and the audience.

Stewart would have been under a modified contract to avoid overtime, Dettwiller said. That meant he would have kept track of hours, both as an aide and as a coach, not to exceed 40 hours total.

Questions were raised concerning how the coaching hours would be tracked and if travel to and from games would be included. Another question raised was what would happens if the coaching time reached 40 hours, and he was unable to perform duties as an aide.

Dettwiller was unable to answer these questions. The vote to employ Stewart as an aide was defeated on a 2-3 vote with Bob Butz, Dave Hunter and Mark Mason all voting “no.”

The board approved the weighted grades portion for the student/parent handbook. This will start in the fall with the class of 2018.

The district will offer weighted grades for courses that exceed the level of rigor and content of typical highs school college preparatory courses. Courses receiving a weighted grade will receive an additional point to the quality points earned in those courses.

Students in the class of 2018 and beyond will be given retroactive weighted credit for courses that meet the new weighted course criteria. This fall, students in the class of 2018 will be juniors. If they had taken a course as a freshman or sophomore that would have qualified for a weighted grade, they will get that extra point if they met all requirements.

The board met in an executive session for 20 minutes early in the meeting to discuss personnel matters and then went into executive session at the end of the meeting for more personnel matters.


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